Bits & Bites: Favourite Lunch Spots in Yorkville

Around here we take lunch pretty seriously. Being in the center of the universe in the middle of epic Yorkville provides endless opportunities for great noshing! Some days we go our separate ways for lunch, but others we all assemble with our munchies in the boardroom for what’s known as a Gabor Cuddle. We may sometimes share food, but we always share laughs. Many lunchtimes are spent perusing the latest news online on the big boardroom screen, as well as sharing some of the latest in weird and wonderful YouTube finds.

If you find yourself in our neck of the woods, here are some of our favourite neighbourhood lunch to-go spots.

A gourmet grocery store with onsite cafe. Great for gourmet sandwiches, salads and hot entrees.


Salad Days 
Soup, salads and sandwiches at a reasonable price (for Yorkville)! Daily specials are a big hit around here.


Big Smoke Burger
Beef, chicken, and veggie burgers to die for. Gluten-free and bun-free burgers too!! The poutine is so worth the calories!

Whole Foods
Another gourmet grocery store with an amazing lineup of ready-to-go prepared foods, which make a great lunch. Salads with countless toppings, amazing sandwiches and soups and a great hot entree bar as well.

Fresh, custom, salads, soups, wraps and bowls custom-made in front of your eyes. Great Poke bowls and breakfast smoothie bowls too!

Eat a Pita
Healthy and reasonably priced pitas, shawarma, souvlaki and more!!

A favourite for an afternoon snack.

Good Press
Delicious and healthy Acai bowls, smoothies and juices. Great for detoxing after a late night at the office (or the bar).

Happy lunching!




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