Case Study: Aviva Canada; Plan and Protect

Aviva Canada, Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction; Plan and Protect App


If you’ve checked the forecast lately, you may have noticed: natural disasters and extreme weather conditions are on the rise across the country. Aviva Canada, in partnership with the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, asked us to leverage their expertise and help consumers prepare for worst-case scenarios.



The Gabor Group developed Plan & Protect, an app utilizing both companies’ resources and designed to help people before, during, and after an emergency. Providing easy, secure access to insurance information, it measures a user’s risk (via a personalized risk report) and helps get them ready with survival tips and helpful advice.

To convey the Plan & Protect messaging, Gabor developed all of its accompanying design. The clean look and feel of the app utilizes Aviva’s existing branding and helps users easily navigate through all the tips and information.


Whether it’s earthquakes, winter storms, floods, severe wind, or wildfire, Plan & Protect is the most convenient way to have emergency information stored at your fingertips.

We worked with Aviva and ICLR on developing the idea. We also handled the app’s framework, content, look, development, functionality, and revisions, as well as its ongoing maintenance.

The Plan & Protect campaign won a 2017 Insurance Marketing & Communications Showcase Award. This award is an award of excellence in the Corporate Social Responsibility sub-category.

“This is really an award for ICLR and Gabor-so thank you so much for all of your incredible work and dedication to the app’s development, launch and ongoing success. Huge kudos to your team and your developers”!
– Jill Lewis, Aviva Canada.

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