Highlights: Fort Mac Comes Back!

In 2016, the wildfires of Fort Mac pushed Gabor’s client, Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), into full crisis mode to help survivors deal with their incredible loss. IBC was primarily focused on the victims and their recovery. Gabor, listening to predictions that this was estimated to be the biggest natural disaster in Canadian history, knew... Continue Reading →

One of Gabor's specialties is teaching presentation skills to those who might need them. Because we like to share, we'll give you a few tips! 1) Your audience needs to get something out of your presentation — they need to be informed, persuaded and entertained. An effective presentation is a balance between the speaker's needs... Continue Reading →

Around here we take lunch pretty seriously. Being in the center of the universe in the middle of epic Yorkville provides endless opportunities for great noshing! Some days we go our separate ways for lunch, but others we all assemble with our munchies in the boardroom for what's known as a Gabor Cuddle. We may... Continue Reading →

Case Study: Aviva Canada; Plan and Protect

Aviva Canada, Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction; Plan and Protect App If you’ve checked the forecast lately, you may have noticed: natural disasters and extreme weather conditions are on the rise across the country. Aviva Canada, in partnership with the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, asked us to leverage their expertise and help consumers prepare... Continue Reading →

What’s New at The Gabor Group!

Here at Gabor, we figure it’s time we have a space to keep you current on what we are up to. We’ll take you behind the scenes at Gabor on an average day, of which no two are the same.  Before looking ahead, here’s a quick look at where we come from. Agota Gabor founded... Continue Reading →

Case Study: Raise the Bar; Restaurants Canada

Gabor Group client Restaurants Canada needed to raise awareness about the unfair provincial liquor laws that affect bars and restaurants differently across the country. To accomplish this, Gabor delivered a campaign that presented a detailed report card awarding grades and comparing liquor laws by province. It included an engaging infographic highlighting strange, still-on-the-books provincial liquor... Continue Reading →

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